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How easy is it to make my Bravest ID fit well?

Over time your Bravest ID will achieve a unique, broken in look. This is normal, and will vary depending on conditions, usage, and even the wearers' unique body chemistry. We hope you enjoy the look it will achieve as much as we do!

If your Bravest ID ever becomes illegible through normal wearing, we will replace it.

As much as we hate to say it, we must: Don't think that what happened to our friend and brother Bruce could never happen to you. Our calling is a dangerous one. You owe it to yourself to ensure the timely contact of your loved ones, and dispersal of pertinent medical information to emergency responders - both on and off the job.

Your Bravest ID is only useful to you if you wear it. We wear ours 24/7, and so should you. Literally, we never take ours off!

Lt. Bruce Bachinsky Lt. Bruce Bachinsky
Waterbury Fire Dept

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